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Three paper pals went to a bar to have a few beers, but when they saw they didn't have a penny, they decided to look for lost coins in the bedroom. Can you get the coin on top of the lamp? 

I participated in the "Level Up Game Jam 2024" making a 2.5D Platformer game with the Godot Engine, we called it "Paper Pals". Our team had no previous experiences with Godot 3D so it was quite an adventure.

Available  for Windows  and Linux

Three paper pals went to a bar to have a few beers, but they didn't have a penny

Made in a one-week-long game jam
5-people team working together for the first time
SFX, Music, Level designer, Project manager, Localization and Programming.

A 2D action platformer game, kill enemies with your sword and go through the levels to win. 

Made with Godot, it was my first jam trying out this engine. It also was my first time doing pixel art (the environment Tile Set). Made for the Acerola Jam 0, no teams were allowed

Available  for Windows  and Linux

Made in a 2-week-long game jam
Solo developer
SFX, Music, Game Design, Programming, Environment art

This is my game submission for the GameJamPlus 23/24, I went with the themes: "Having Fun Casually" and "Rethink the Classics".  It was first time participating in this jam as well it's my first time in a jam working solo. 

I recorded electric guitar for the music. All the SFX are made from guitar recordings, they are in key with the background music. Then I implemented all the audio in unity using FMOD, to make the music change dynamically depending on different variables. 

Art assets weren't made by me, they are just CC0 free assets, I made all the code and music during the jam from scratch though.

Made in a 48-hour game jam
Solo developer
SFX, Music composition and dynamic Implementation
Using free art assets CC0

A game made for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2, "Diving Deeper".  In the colony, every ant has a specific mission in their life. Explore the tunnels and find your way to feed the fungi into the orchard in the deep of the nest. 

This game was created by Ara (2D artist) and driann (sound designer). We both started learning Unity one week before this game jam. 

Here I did all the programming, music composition,  and implementation from scratch.

Made in a one-week game jam
Solo programmer
Music composition and dynamic implementation.

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Superior Relatives is a meme, couch-based multiplayer fighting game. Choose from a variety of balls and battle it out with up to 4 players in online multiplayer. Enjoy a variety of maps and characters, as you battle it out to be the Ultimate champion. 

For this game, I created sound effects and a reversion of the song from the "Super Smash Bros: Brawl" main theme

Now available on Epic Games, click here

I had the role of Music Producer and Sound Designer  working along with the Game Developer Koro



"A young writer tries to brainstorm in his notebook, but the painful memory of his ex-girlfriend generates a hallucination that allows him to realize that his pain is the best inspiration".

I realized: ADR, Sound design, Foley, Re-recorder mixer, Dialog Editing. There was no Field Recorder role. All sounds were recorded or created by audio synthesis.